How badly do you really want to recover?

Thinking about recovery, the two most important questions that come up to my mind are:

  1. Do you really want to recover / How badly do you want to get better?
  2. How much time per day do you spend doing things that truly contribute to your recovery?

I know exactly how damn hard it is to motivate yourself while being totally exhausted & suffering from other severe symptoms. I’ve been there & sometimes I’m still there! However, I want you to know that only YOU have all the answers to your healing! You made yourself sick in the first place, so you’ll be the one to pull you out of this. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t ask for help or seek advice & support from different sources, but please don’t forget: YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION, YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE CHANGES & ONLY YOU’LL BE ABLE TO HEAL YOURSELF! Don’t wait for someone or something to show up in your life & heal you. So, the one thing that you have on your side is time. The question you have to ask yourself is:

Do you spend your whole day distracting yourself from your current disease? (Watching tv, browsing through social media, playing video games…)

The truth is, at least my truth is, that there’s no one miracle cure out there. It’s a change of your daily habits, thoughts & diet that will get you out of your current situation. I think that recovery means changing many little things – you absolutely have to change most of your habits!

It’s important to get your body into a healing state in order for your body to do the work. This is done by doing many little things differently than you’ve done before. I truly believe that one cannot heal while sticking to old self destructive habits & thoughts. When it comes to CFS, everyone has a different recovery plan, so don’t try to compare your recovery to someone elses. Be Your own healer & stop searching for answers outside of you. Take your time & start implementing small little changes in your daily routine. Eventually these small changes will lead to big changes. But most importantly, don’t give up, stay consistent & be patient! Don’t aim for perfection, aim for progress, because consistency will ALWAYS beat talent ❤


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