Benefits of meditation and a simple meditation exercise!

Hey guys! 🙂

I just wanted to share with you a very simple mediation exercise. I use this simple exercise regularly, in order to relax and calm down my nervous system. Especially for people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, meditation is a perfect tool to get rid of negative and stressful thoughts. The practice of meditation is beneficial in so many ways, thus I highly recommend it to everyone out there, sick or not ;). As soon as you’ll start to meditate, you’ll quickly feel some changes within your body and your mind. While meditating, your cells will fill with more energy (also called “Prana”). The more energy your cells are filled with, the more peace and joy you’ll feel. Meditation is an effective way to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and decrease pain and tension. Moreover it’s helpful to increase your serotonin production (which improves your mood), and also improves the immune system. Especially people who suffer from any illnesses, meditation is highly beneficial. While you’re meditating, your brainwaves will go into an Alpha state, which supports the healing process of your body and your mind. Further, your happiness improves, you’ll gain clarity and peace of mind. For me personally, meditation helped me a lot to get rid of over-thinking, thus reconnect to my body. After meditating, I’m able to gain more focus and I feel more fresh and ready to accomplish something afterwards. Most importantly, it helps me to realise that some problems are not as bad as I think they are. It also helpes me to realise, that my inner attitude determines my happiness and that I’m in full control of my state of mind. It helps me to calm down when I feel overwhelmed or unstable. However, in order to experience all these benefits, it’s important to practice regularly. I always say it’s better to meditate 5 minutes daily, rather than 15 minutes once per week. Once you incorporated meditation into your daily routine, you’ll really feel grateful and happy to pause and enjoy a refreshing meditation. So let’s get rid of all self harming and self destroying thoughts and reconnect to our body.

Lay down on a yoga mat (or your bed). Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Breathe in deeply through your nose, hold your breath for a few seconds, and breathe out through your mouth. (Make sure that you breathe out longer than you breath in). Now, return to your normal breathing and imagine that you’re breathing in a colour (I always take light green, which symbolises relaxation). You breathe in “green” and the word “relaxation” and as soon as you breath out, the colour starts to spread through your whole body. You can start to spread the colour into your feed and work it up to your head and face. Imagine that, as soon as the colour starts to spread in your body, your whole muscles start to relax and release all their tension.

I know, it’s hard to start a new habbit and especially to practice it regularly. But trust me guys, meditation helped me a lot to become calmer, less stressed, more focused, more happy and a better and more vibrant human being. It has been proven, that the brain physically changes, even though you’re not aware of it, after a short time of meditation. So start with 2 minutes daily, and increase the time slowly.

Don’t forget: You shouldn’t worry too much about your illness because then, you’re giving more power to it. Switch your focus to other things such as meditation and yoga and I promise you’ll feel better! 😉


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