Why having a purpose in life is so important for your recovery!



Hello warriors! 😀

I’m back from my holiday in Egypt and I already want to go back! 😦 However, during my 2 weeks there, my symptoms were almost completely gone. At least during the day, I almost felt like my old self again. It’s true that the sunshine, the beach, the pool and the holiday feeling really do wonders! Nevertheless, I realised that having a reason to get up in the morning is so important! We all talk about diet, meditation, self acceptance and self love, but what is your life purpose? The motor that keeps you going in the morning?!
During these two weeks, my simple purpose was to wear my bikini and to go to the beach or pool. I woke up in the morning and looked forward to the day! And this is exactly what I mean, we all need something to look forward to. Something that makes us smile in the morning, a true reason to get our ass out of the bed! I think, that having a real reason to recover, is as important as your diet and lifestyle changes. We don’t only need food as fuel but also our personal reason to live as fuel! I’m still struggling with finding my purpose in life. Sometimes I still feel stuck and don’t exactly know what to do with my life. However, I know which things make me happy and this is my current goal…doing things which make me happy! If you’re still struggling with finding your life purpose then think about these questions:

  • What makes you forget to eat? It sounds weird, but think about it! I don’t mean video games or watching series. Something that you’re really passionate about. Something that fulfils you. Something that you love putting all your energy and heart into!
  • If you had to leave your house every single day, where would you go? But most importantly, what would you do?
  • What is your passion? What matters to you?
  • If you knew you only had one more year to live, what would you do?

These are all questions we already heard a thousand times and we all kind of hate them. I don’t want you to answer them directly. Just write them down in your journal and maybe one day you’ll come back to them.

I know that my biggest passion is traveling! I love seeing different places, meeting different people and eating different food. Traveling keeps my mind in the present moment and it lets me forget to look at my phone every 10 minutes. My biggest dream is to travel the world for 1 year and I know that I will do it, once I’m fully recovered. What’s your biggest dream? Think about it and let it be your motivation to recover. Don’t pay too much attention to your illness and focus on the things you love to do. The more your mind is filled with things you love the less your illness will rule you!

Have a nice day strong people!
Tamara xxx


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