Taking a break from my symptoms and having a holiday in Egypt!












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Hey dear friends!! 🙂

I’m currently in my preparations for my holiday I’m going to spend in Egypt. Hence, I’ll not be able to post  any articles on my blog in the next three weeks. I’m pretty excited for my holidays, however I’m also scared. Scared of my symptoms to come up and rule my holiday. But I’m mostly scared of the flight! Well, not of the flight itself, but of the entire travel journey. Standing in the queue for check in, standing at the passport control, waiting for the suitcases and so on. I think, that everyone who suffers from adrenal fatigue, or similar illnesses, knows how it feels like to stand somewhere waiting for something. You get tired, you feel dizzy, a whole range of symptoms come up, you get overwhelmed by the entire situation and you might even get some sort of anxiety. It’s not fun at all and it’s so difficult to enjoy the journey while you’re stressed out. Over the last year, I learned how to mangae those situations. I learned how to calm myself down. I listen to my breath! Yes, while it might sound so simple and stupid for some people, it is literally life saving for others. Listening to my breath, helps me reconnect to my body! Focusing on symptoms and having anxiety means your brain is drifting into the future. Anxiety is the fear of what could happen. Anxiety is over thinking. Focusing on your symptoms will only create more symptoms, that’s why I try to get out of my brain and into my body, by simply switching my focus on my breath. I know that the travel journey is not going to be too overwhelming or bad. I know that the reality is mostly not as bad as I think it to be and I want you to remember that! Beeing scared of some things is completely normal and to a certain degree it can be helpful and healthy. However, don’t limit yourself by your thoughts! Listen to them, accept them, but also distance yourself from them. Tell yourself “ok, this is my anxiety talking to me right now, but that’s my anxiety, that’s not me!” Your anxiety is part of you, but it doesn’t define you! As soon as you stop labelling your thoughts “good” or “bad” you’ll feel relieved. Not allowing your thoughts to rule you, will give you enough space to live your life. A life without limitations! Facing your fears and stepping out of your comfort zone will help you to get rid of those negative thoughts and fears. That’s why I decided to go on a holiday with my mum. Facing all those fears, but I know that it will be worth it. Even though I’m ill, I want to do “normal” things. These “normal” things become challenges once you’re not a 100% healthy. Everything becomes challenging. Showering, grocery shopping, socialising, sports, jobs, sleeping, walking, resting, cooking….
However, I try to face those things every single day. I know, that one day my symptoms will go away and I’ll be able to live a normal life. In the meantime, I accept my current situation and do the best I can with what I got. I’m glad and really thankful that I’m able to go on a holiday. Thankful for having such an inspiring mum which is always there for me! Grateful for being able to take a plane, to stand in a crowd, to have fears and to be me!! Focusing on things you can do, rather than on things you can’t is so helpful! You’ll see the world with different eyes and you’ll realise that your worst enemies become your best friends! Beeing thankful for what you can do and what you have is the key! There are so many people out there which can do less or have less! Realise what a blessing it is to have an illness which is curable. An illness, which will take you to a journey of self discovery, self development and self love. A journey which teaches you to step out of your comfort zone and to grow to a stronger, more positive human being! I’ll leave for my trip with these thoughts! Thankfulness and appreciation. Travelling has always been my biggest hobby, my biggest satisfaction and my biggest life teacher. It enables me to dive into another world, to meet new cultures and people. To meet the sun and the ocean and to take a break from reality! I always realise that my symptoms fade away, once my mind is feed with something I truely love and appreciate! So, here is a little reminder for you guys: find something you love. Find an inspiration. Find a purpose and concentrate your energy on those things! Trust me, your illness will have no more time to rule your life! See the positive over the negative and trust yourself! Feed your mind with positivity and get rid of any negativity. But most importantly, find something you love doing! Keep looking for it!!
What’s your purpose? What’s your biggest reason to recover? Are you ready for recovery? Are you ready for life after recovery? What’s your biggest motivation to heal?

Mine is to travel the world! This was always my biggest dream. To take my backpack and to travel the entire world on my own.

Don’t be afraid to dream big!! Believe in yourself and in your recovery! Stop googling treatments, illnesses or symptoms. Start to live in the present moment and enjoy the ups and downs of life. Things will make sense in the end. Unfortunately, life can only be understood backwards 😉 So live it forwards and try to concentrate all your energy on the now! Stop focusing on the past.

I wish you amazing weeks full of energy and positivity! I’ll keep you updated on my holidays! Keep your head up strong people!


4 thoughts on “Taking a break from my symptoms and having a holiday in Egypt!

  1. Enjoy you holiday lovely! I hope it all goes well, as long as you breathe and listen to your body you should be fine. Have you ever heard of something called rescue remedy? It a natural remedy that you can get from the pharmacy for anxiety. I took some on my first trip travelling on a plane after becoming unwell with ME/CFS. For some reason I was really anxious about flying with ME/CFS, of course it was all fine. I found the the remedy helped keep me calm and relaxed.

    Enjoy lovely!!

    Lennae xxx


    • Thank you very much hun! 🙂 I had an awesome time there! Everything went so fine…even the flight! Again the proof that my imagination is worse than the reality 🙂 thank you very much for your tip! I know the rescue drops and had them in my bag! 😉 hope you’re doing good sweetie?! Send you lots of energy and positivity!! xxx


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