How does my diet look like?!





Many of you guys asked me how my diet looks like, so I thought that I share some information on that topic! First of all, I´m not pretending to be an expert, the following information are just based on my own research and experience.

My current diet is pretty much Paleo based, however I don´t eat that much meat as suggested in this diet (I limit it to 1-2 times a week). I was vegan for one year and found it quite hard to switch to animal products again, that´s why I slowly bagan integrating eggs and meat again. In the beginning, I found it very hard to find the “perfect“ diet for me. Everytime I did some research, I ended up beeing more confused and frustrated than before. While some people praise that this diet is the best, others blame it for beeing unhealthy or unbalanced. Nevertheless, I realised that Paleo works the best for me at the moment. Anyhow, this doesn´t mean that it works best for you too. What works good for one body, doesn´t mean that it necessarily works good for another body. That´s why I suggest that you try out which diet works best for you. From my experience, I recommend a diet which covers a little bit of all, or almost all, food groups.

Before I´ll start to share my personal everyday diet, I would like to explain some main information on the Paleo diet. It is said, that this diet is best for the human body, as it works best with our genetics.This diet suggests to eat like we used to back in the day (everything humans could hunt or find). It´s recommended to avoid all toxic foods, which apperently lead to illnesses. These toxic foods are grains (oats, brown rice, rye, wheat, barley), refined sugar (sugar from fruits is fine), dairy products, legumes (soy beans, peanutbutter, kidney beans) and vegetable seed oils (soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil, peanut oil). On the other hand, foods which are strongly recommended are vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, eggs, healthy fats (coconut oil, olive oil) and limited amount of nuts and seeds. People say that a Paleo diet stabilizes blood sugar, improves sleep, reduces allergies, burns off stored fat and raises energy levels. From my experience, I can totally agree with the first three points. I struggled a lot with blood sugar issues (which was mainly do to my high carb, low fat vegan lifestyle), since I switched to a Paleo diet my blood sugar became stable. Hence, I sleep better now, as I don´t wake up in the night due to hunger. However, these are just guidelines and again, what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily mean it works for another.

About 8 months ago, I switched to organic food and to glass water bottles. I still have huge hormonal issues (ostrogene dominance, low progesterone, irregular periods and acne) and wanted to avoid all toxins that might influence my hormones. Especially hormones in conventinal dairy products and meat can influence your natural endocrine system. I also drink fluorid free water and use fluorid free toothpaste. I did some research and found out, that already low doses of fluorid can contribute to health issues such as reduced fertility, lower tyroid function, disruption of melatonin production and cancer. I don´t want to scare anyone, but these are just some changes I made after having done some research and I feel better with these choices. Everyone is responsible for themselves and should take their own actions! However, back to my Paleo diet. A typical day would look like this for me:


  • 1/2 squeezed lemon in warm water/ 1 tbsp of raw organic apple cider vinegar in cold water
  • Omelet (2 whole eggs) fried in coconut oil, with tomatoes, cucumber, olives, 1/2 avocado
  • Chia seeds with unsweetend almond milk, topped with cashews, almonds, frozen raspberries and coconut flakes


  • Salad with chicken or prawns
  • Vegetable curry (recipe will follow)


  • Apples, almonds, cashews, red fruits, raw celery, glass of almond milk, banana muffins (recipe will follow)


  • Broccoli potage with coconut milk and pine nuts
  • Moussaka (minced meat with eggplant)
  • Salad with smoked salmon and avocado

These are just a couple of suggestions. I´ll write another article with a couple of recipes which are Paleo friendly!

All in all, I avoid gluten, lactose, refined sugar, soy products, plastic bottles and conventional food. Further, as regards supplements, I take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, 2,000 mg of Omega 3 and 20 mg of Zinc a day. In cases of low blood sugar, I drink a glass of water with 1 tsp. of pink Himalaya salt in it, in order to raise my blood sugar and fight my dizziness. I found out, that eating less carbs, made me feel better and more energized over a longer period of time. I try to limit my carb intake to 100 gramms a day and I feel good with that. In case you want to check your macro and micro nutrient intake, you can use to have an overview on your daily intake.

I hope that those tips help some of you and I´ll let you have some of my recipes in the near future! Please don´t stress yourself with what foods are allowed or not allowed. Follow your instinct and your bodys reaction. Try out what works best for you and adapt the diet to your personal needs and lifestyle.

Keep your head up little warriors, and don´t forget to treat your soul with some cheat meals some times! No one is perfect and I´m also not pretending to be perfect! Just try to stick to a certain diet (which is best for you) most of the time. Some chocolate or french fries will not ruin your diet. If you limit yourself or restrict yourself, you will feel frustrated. Hence, listen to your body, because it is wiser than your brain!


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