Why is Adrenal Fatigue/ CFS a blessing!

We all probably know, that there is no quick fix for AF/CFS. There is no magic pill or magic supplement out there, that helps us to recover from these diseases within a couple of days. You need a combination of different things to slowly heal your body. The combination of sleep hygiene, positive mindset, proper diet and light movement is the key to recovery. Most people feel punished by getting certain diseases. They start to think “why me?”. I thought the same at the beginning! “Why is this happening to me?”. It took me a couple of months, to realise that it was not the universe who “gave” me this disease, but it was me, myself and I! Now, I see adrenal fatigue as a result of my unhealthy way of living and thinking. My old lifestyle lead me to this point and nothing or no one else. Hence, it is my own responsibility to get out of this. You can always seek help and advice from somebody, however it is up to you to put certain things into practise. So stop giving the fault of your current situation to others and start to look at yourself! Help yourself!

..It took me some time, but I realised that this illness is a blessing! I discovered and learnt more things than ever before:

– You´re the most important person in your life
– Listen to your body, not your mind (the body is mostly smarter)
– Not everyone deserves your energy
– The hardest times, teach us the most important lessons
– Sometimes it takes pain to bring about the best change in your life
– Never compare yourself to someone else or your old self
– What comes to your mind, controls your body
– Don´t say yes if it only pleases others
– You need bad days to appreciate the good ones
– Quick fixes don´t last

Most importantly, I learnt how to enjoy every little moment in life. Taking a walk, hearing the birds sing, laying in the sun or reading a book. I truely enjoy all these things, which I wasn´t even aware of before. Furthermore, adrenal fatigue taught me that I don’t have to be perfect to be loved by others. It taught me to be patient and to accept things I cannot change. I was living a speedy life. Talking quickly, walking quickly, doing everything quickly. Now, I’m the complete opposite. Enjoying everything I do and beeing aware of the things I do. I discovered spirituality and meditation, which helped me to get rit of my anxiety and severe panic attacks. All in all, even from the outside no change is visible, on the inside I changed a lot. Now I know that pain and hard times are just a symbol of change and transformation to become the best version of myself. Even though I’m far from where I want to be, I try my best, every single day and that´s exactly what it’s about. Not to be perfect, not to be the same as the people around you, but to be a better you than you were yesterday. To do the best you can with your current abilities. Even though I hate this illness most of the time, I’m glad that I have it because I discovered my true self. Before I got sick, I was completely disconnected from my body and now I’m finally finding myself again. All in all, it taught me that I needed to loose myself in order to find myself again.

Once you´ll see your disease as a blessing you´ll handle it in a different way, I promise! Not everyone gets the chance to put his or her life on pause and to embark on a journey of self discovery. Enjoy the ride and see the positive! You´re currently learning more than most people around you and this is priceless! Keep your head up little warriors!


5 thoughts on “Why is Adrenal Fatigue/ CFS a blessing!

    • Thank you for your Feedback Jennie! 🙂 I’m really glad you recovered from CFS! Another proof that it’s possible to heal!! How long did you take to heal? It’s so heartbreaking that a 7 year old is suffering from this disease. But I’m sure, that he has a strong and healthy mum to support him. You are a great example 🙂 wish you both much energy and big hug to your son! Let me know how you both are feeling XX


  1. Great post, I couldn’t agree more with you. I feel the same way that it is a blessing in disguise! It is a massive learning experience and in a way I think we are almost lucky to be experiencing this. For me it has been a big wake up call, I have made a lot of changes for the better because of my illness with ME/CFS.

    Lennae xxx


    • Thank you very much hun! 🙂 blessing in disguise is the perfect description for it!! I also made a lot of changes for the better & I think that’s what life is about. We’re growing strong through our illness and transform to a better version of ourselves! Wish you lots of energy and courage for your recovery XX


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