20 basic quick tips on how to deal with adrenal fatigue/ chronique fatigue!

1) Accept your illness and your current situation. Mostly, it is easier said than done, but fully commit to your healing process now and accept the fact that you are not able to do certain things atm.
However, you will be able to return to better energy levels again and I am pretty sure that you will have more energy and a better health than before your illness. But accept the fact that you are in a healing process and that this process is full of ups and downs.
2) Get enough quality sleep (sleep at least 7-8 hours per night).
3) Try to eliminate all stressors or negative people in your life/ limit them to a minimum. Saying yes to happiness, means learning to say no to people or situations that stress you out.
4) Eat breakfast within 30 mins/ 1 hour after waking up, to get your metabolism working. Try to eat a protein rich breakfast or combine fats, proteins and carbohydrates at each meal, in order to avoid blood sugar spikes.
5) If you suffer from low blood pressure (which is pretty common in cases of adrenal fatigue), drink a glass of water with a tbsp. of sea salt or pink himalaya salt in it, every morning. It helps to raise your blood pressure and to fight your dizzyness.
6) Drink hot lemon water or apple cider vinegar in water. It helps to flush out toxins and to alkalize the body. We probably all know that healing is not possible when the body is too acidic.
7) Watch your diet!! Eat healthy and nutrient dense foods. I recommend to switch to organic food. Esepcially people who suffer from adrenal fatigue might have hormonal issues. Foods which contain pesticides and hormones, as found in dairy products and meat, are highly toxic for the body. Switching to organic food will help your body to heal. However, I will write another detailed article on proper nutrition and how I changed my diet.
8) Quit coffee (including decaf coffee) and all products which contain caffeine. It was very hard for me to quit coffee and chocolate. I am not perfect and I still eat some chocolate when I really crave it, however it is important to lower your intake of stimulating foods such as: coffee, cola, chocolate, weight loss pills, pain relievers, energy drinks/ water, alcohol, breath freshners, sunflower seeds.
9) Check your household for all electronic devices. Do you really need to let all those devices plugged in? I do not use my microwave anymore and plugged it out. I also plugged out our home telephone base, as people can also reach me on my cellphone. Try to limit your PC and cellphone time. I realised that prolonged computer exposure drained my energy. Set a daily limit or a certain hour where you allow yourself to use electronics, but try to limit this time and fully concentrate on your healing.
10) Meditate! Especially people who suffer from anxiety and severe panick attacs, as I used to, meditation will help you to calm down your nervous system and to reach different levels of your consciousness. By time, you will be able to reach the Alpha brain waves (usually while eyes are closed, while day dreaming or visualizing) and Theta brain waves (usually during sleep, meditation or deep relaxation, it is the realm of your subconsciousness and it is said that deep spiritual connections with the universe can be experienced at Theta. Theta is where you experience visualizations and great inspiration). Meditation and quitting coffee helped me a lot to calm my nervous system down and to get rid of anxiety. However, many people think that after only one session of meditation they will already benefit from the positive effects of meditation, but it is a matter of practise. It took me a couple of months to benefit from it and to truely enjoy it. The clue is to incorporate it in your daily routine, at a certain hour, and to simply practise it regularly. I will also do a seperate article on meditation.
11) Stop before you feel bad or get overwhelmed by your symptoms. It is very hard to stop a certain activity, when you did not even finish it. However, that is the clue for people with adrenal fatigue. If you want to accoplish a certain activity (for example cleaning a room) do it step by step. I used to clean up for 15 mins and then rest for 30 mins or longer. Do not compare yourself to other people, just do it at your own pace and stop before your symptoms will tell you to.
12) Pre-rest before certain occasions.
13) Don’t say YES to things or people that do not make you happy. It is your time for healing now!! If you keep living the way you were living and still trying to please other people instead of yourself, you’ll have a hard time recovering. Make yourself your number 1 priority!
14) Don’t explain and don’t complain! – I used to complain a lot at the beginning and tried to explain to everyone how hard and draining it is to have adrenal fatigue. I wanted, the people I love, to care and understand what I was going through and why I was not taking part in any activities anymore. Over time, I realized that it didn’t help me at all and that people will never understand if they haven’t already been in the same situation. So don’t waste your energy in complaining and explaining yourself to others. Focus on the things you can do! If people really care, they will put their own energy in researching or asking questions in order to understand your situation and support you.
15) Don’t compare yourself to your old self! I used to do that a lot. Comparing my current life to my old life just made me sad and depressed. Of course, in certain situations it helps to visualize, but don’t try to look back too often. Concentrate on the present moment and what you can do to help you now.
16) Try to manage and limit your toxic thoughts. Thoughts have such a big impact on our biochemistry. Each cell in our body is aware of every thought. No matter what you think and believe, your body will mirror it, so be kind to yourself and think in a constructive way. Don’t limit yourself by your thoughts, enourage yourself by your thoughts! Change your thinking –> will change your beliefs, change your beliefs –> will change your behavior.
Have faith and practise patience. No matter what you are going true, it will pass. So remain calm and in control. Go 24 hours without complaining and see how you’ll feel.
18) Write a journal and write down your personal life assesement, considering following points: What brought me to my current situation? What did/ do I learn from it? What can I do to feel better? What am I thankful for? What do I like about myself?
19) See the conncetion in everything you choose to do or think! What you choose today, has an influence on your future. Your bad decissions of today have a negative influence on the upcoming weeks or months. Choose positivity over negativity and be aware of your choices you make.
20) What you focus on, you’ll feel! Let your energy flow into things, people or actions that lift you up, support you and make you feel alive. Concentrate on the things you can do and moove on. Baby steps are better than no steps. Deal with the real truth and enjoy your life again, no matter in which situation you are.


6 thoughts on “20 basic quick tips on how to deal with adrenal fatigue/ chronique fatigue!

  1. Love this ❤ have just come your blog – so thankful! After 3 years of being horribly unwell finally found out at the beggining of the year I have Adrenal Fatigue and recently started implementing these tips but wish I had found this sooner! Love the last 2 – choosing positivity is the number1 thing that’s helping me 😀 xx thank you


    • Thank you very much! 🙂 it makes me really happy that it reached people and helped you personally!! Especially AF is so hard to diagnose and I know this long way. Months of not knowing what was wrong with me, I feel you! Don’t forget that the mind plays such an important role! Focus your energy on what you can do and less on your illness! 🙂 keep your head up, this situation is only making us stronger! 🙂 xxx


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